Mama, I’m Coming Home

MY FIRST MUSEUM GIG!  (Photo: Megan Grotzke for the Williston Daily Herald)

I am excited to announce that I booked my first museum exhibit this week!  I have the pleasure of working with the fine folks at the MonDak Heritage Center in my hometown of Sidney, Montana.  I am starting a brand new Montana-based documentary project, which will be shown at the MonDak in June/July of 2015.  The project will take about a year to complete, and I’ll be turning the project into a book so you can all take it home with you!

Details are still in the works, so I’ll update with any changes as time goes on.  I am thrilled to be returning to eastern Montana for my first museum gig.  As many of you know, I’ve shown my work at galleries and art walks in western Montana over the years.  I interned with the Sidney Herald and Williston Daily Herald from May to August 2010, so some of you from that area may have seen my photojournalism work in the papers and their respective web sites.

This new project is a personal documentary photojournalism piece, and I’ll share more details in a future blog post.  I will be traveling across the state several times over the next year, photographing subjects from every part of Montana.  I may be sleeping on some couches along the way, so it will definitely be an interesting journey!

Thanks to Benjamin Clark, Executive Director of the MonDak, for making this possible.  Check out the MonDak Heritage Center online or on Facebook!  For those of you who live near Sidney, remember that admission is always free, so go check out an exhibit or take a class!  You can find out about MDHC memberships on their site.  Supporting our local museums means supporting local artists!

Can’t wait to see all of my friends back home.