Kodachrome II


In celebration of Film Photography Day 2014, I dug around in my old prints and scanned a few to share with you.  Each one of the black & white images below was processed and printed by me in a darkroom.  I shot some new film in preparation for the big day, but I had to send it out since nobody processes 110 around here.  Once I get the 110, 120 and 35mm back I’ll be sure to post them!  I can’t get enough of film cameras, and I know some of you out there feel the same way.  My goal is to shoot my next big documentary project entirely on film, which is a challenge, but nothing compares to the time-tested art of analog photography.


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Stay tuned for a fresh batch of analog images coming soon!

Are you a fellow analog photographer?  Click here to check out the Search for Analogue Stars competition from Lomography!  First place is a Petzval lens, so it’s definitely worth the entry if you ask me!  The other prizes aren’t too shabby, either.  The contest is open for 6 weeks, so get out and shoot!