Short Skirt/Long Jacket


Helena’s own Maren Murphy takes workplace fashion to the next level.  Her website is Bureau of Chic:  uncomplicated style for the 9 to 5.  A government employee, she proves that business attire does not have to be bland.  She blogs about fashion and includes fabulous photos of each outfit, from head to toe and everywhere in-between.  Each post includes info on where each piece came from, which I love.  The shops run the gamut from RogueBeet Jewelry (YES!) to Urban Outfitters and Old Navy.  With so many great pieces at different price points, there truly is something for everyone and every budget.

The focus of her site is to inspire other professionals to inject some style into their workplace wardrobe.  She’s been getting quite a bit of press and was featured in the winter 2014 issue of Signature Montana, all found here on Bureau of Chic.  Once in a while you’ll find some travel blogs mixed in (complete with a fashion fix).  In fact, Maren just returned from Denmark and Sweden and will be sharing outfit/travel photos very soon.  Be on the lookout for her upcoming blog post, guaranteed to be drool-worthy.

A few quick facts about me:
Have a masters degree in urban and regional planning
Love my job working in the public sector
Inspired by everyday fashion in unexpected places
Michelle Williams, Kate Bosworth, Olivia Palermo, and Rachel Bilson are my style muses
I love shoes, shoes shoes
Feels most comfortable wearing stripes
Spends too many hours on Pinterest
Loves to bake cookies (and am learning about high elevation baking!)
Each day, I realize I am more and more like my mother. And that’s okay.

Maren’s style is crisp yet casual, and impossibly put-together.  She accessorizes perfectly, choosing pieces that complement her petite frame without overpowering.  Maren shares a more tidbits about herself on Bureau of Chic.

Step up your style game.  Follow Maren’s adventures in fashion and blaze a trail of your own!